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K-State Today

August 27, 2012

Creating e-books on an iPad

Submitted by Eric Dover

iPad options are springing up on the app store for e-book creation. Check out the Book Creator for iPada $4.99 app in the app store. This app uses the e-pub standard to create photo/art books, text-based books, albums and almost any kind of book imaginable.

Content options for creating rich e-books, include:

  • The ability to select from more than 50 font options
  • Importing photos, videos, music, and recorded speech
  • Adding voiceover from within the app

Creative options for this app at K-State could be to create children's books, an underground literary art magazine, course note presentation, livening up and delivering presentations in a unique way and so much more. 

Read the full article in the IT News blog at blogs.k-state.edu/it-news.