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April 12, 2018

Submit news and events surrounding diversity and inclusion to KSUnite Weekly newsletter

Submitted by Division of Communications and Marketing

Kansas State University has a new newsletter, KSUnite Weekly, which is published every Monday. A corresponding article in Monday's issue of K-State Today and K-State Today Student Edition will link to KSUnite Weekly. 

This unique newsletter highlights news and events that help the K-State Family uphold the value of diversity and inclusion and continue the KSUnite movement. Started in November 2017, the KSUnite movement reaffirms who K-Staters are, what K-Staters value and what K-Staters stand for as a university. KSUnite Weekly will help K-Staters share conversations and unified work that makes every K-Stater a true Wildcat.

All K-Staters may submit KSUnite relevant news and events to both K-State Today publications and KSUnite Weekly. Submissions to KSUnite Weekly must be made before noon the Friday before an event or news is requested to publish. All submissions will be reviewed as related to diversity and inclusion. Any publications not deemed as diversity and inclusion related will not be included. Events occurring before the next issue of KSUnite Weekly will not be published.

Contact the Division of Communications and Marketing at 785-532-2535 or vpcm@k-state.edu for more information.

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