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November 30, 2017

Sociology graduate students and faculty present at American Society of Criminology's annual meeting

Submitted by Kevin Steinmetz

K-State sociology graduate students and faculty presented their research at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They participated in 10 presentations, one poster presentation, and one roundtable discussion. They also were joined by Don Kurtz, associate professor of social work; and Katrina Lewis, associate professor of interior architecture & product design.

The following presentations, posters and roundtables were given at the conference:

• George Ebo Brown and Mario Cano presented "How Effective is the Graduated Sanctions Scheme for Probationers in Kansas?"

• Alayna Colburn and Nicolette Manglos-Weber presented "When 'Do Not Fear' Is Not Enough: Examining Religion as a Protective Factor Against Intimate Partner Violence."

• Edward L. W. Green and Sue L. Williams presented "Becoming a Felon: A Successful Ceremony of Degradation."

• John Grube and Mario Cano presented "The Association between the Foreign-Born and Latino Population and Federal Punishment Outcomes."

• Don L. Kurtz, Kevin F. Steinmetz and Mario Cano presented "The Implications: Always Sunny in Philadelphia as Humorous Narrative Critiquing the Sexual Exploitation of Women."

• Lisa Melander presented "These are Your Children; I'm Just Caring for Them": Negotiating Co-Parenting Relationships While Incarcerated."

• Kevin F. Steinmetz, W. Richard Goe and Alexandra Pimentel presented "Social Engineering as Social Process."

• April Terry and Vivian Hughes presented "Service Learning with Criminal Justice Majors: A Comparison of Campus and Virtual Students on Learning Outcomes." Terry also gave the poster presentation, "Surveying Issues that Arise in Women's Prisons: A Content Critique of Orange is the New Black."

• Sue L. Williams, Edward L. W. Green and Katrina M. Lewis presented "Beyond Pink Paint: Gendered Geographies and Design for Incarcerated Women."

• William A. Chernoff presented "The Effects of Juvenile Court Officials' Internal and External Attributions of Court Involved Youth on Case Processing Across Race and Gender."

• Michael Birzer, Delores Craig-Moreland, Kelli Grant, Sue Williams, John Grube and April Terry presented the roundtable, "The Intersection of Gender, Race, and Policing: The Mediating Effect of Procedural Justice."