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K-State Today

September 16, 2015

College of Engineering develops research keywords database

Submitted by Mary Rankin

Are you in need of an engineering faculty member on your next proposal submission? The College of Engineering has developed a research keywords database as a way for K-State colleagues and outside entities to easily identify areas of expertise of engineering faculty, and provide potential connections and opportunities.

The database, constructed by Mark Clarke, computer information specialist for the college, is based on keywords entered by participating faculty defining their research emphases. The system can be searched by keywords or by research focus categories.

Many faculty also have uploaded simple-format National Science Foundation biographical sketches and/or more extensive curricula vitae also accessible to users. In addition to connecting college expertise with K-State colleagues and outside entities, the database will encourage research collaboration and connections with potential research partners, broaden understanding of the university's research activities and assist students in search of faculty advisers.

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