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March 27, 2014

2014 Faculty and Unclassified Professionals Retiree Ceremony April 15

Submitted by Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate invites you to attend the 2014 Faculty and Unclassified Professionals Retiree Ceremony at 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 15, at the Alumni Center. This is a time to recognize, honor and celebrate those individuals who have contributed to the success of Kansas State University during their careers here.

The following individuals are on the program this year:


  • Robert Burton, agricultural economics
  • Wayne Geyer, horticulture, forestry and recreation
  • Orlen Grunewald, agricultural economics
  • Colleen Hill, animal sciences and industry
  • Norman Klocke, SW research extension center, Garden City
  • Richard Mattson, horticulture, forestry and recreation, passed away
  • Stephen Thien, agronomy
  • Stuart Warren, horticulture, forestry and recreation

Architecture, Planning & Design

  • James Jones, architecture
  • Judith Major, landscape architecture/regional and community planning

Arts and Sciences

  • Lynda Andrus, art
  • Kenneth Buyle, biology
  • Gary Conrad, biology
  • Wayne Nafziger, economics
  • Charles Oviatt, geology
  • Jean Pierre Perchellet, biology
  • Nora Ransom, English
  • Silvia Sauter, modern languages
  • A. Spencer Tomb, biology
  • Susan Watt, dean’s office

Business Administration

  • David Andrus, marketing
  • Jo Lyle, accounting


  • Nancy Bridges, curriculum and instruction
  • Teresa Miller, educational leadership
  • Robert Shoop, educational leadership
  • Darla Stone, curriculum and instruction


  • James DeVault, electrical and computer engineering
  • Daniel Swenson, mechanical and nuclear engineering


  • David Weaver, vice president of investments

General administration

  • Pamela Foster, affirmative action
  • J. David DeBusman, campus planning and facilities management
  • Steven Galitzer, public safety
  • Clarice Holmes, Lafene Health Center
  • Cheryl May, communications and marketing
  • Cheryl Miller, vice president for research office
  • Bettie Minshall, Division of Continuing Education
  • James Rigg, communications and marketing
  • Susan Scott, School of Leadership Studies
  • Dorothy Smith, School of Leadership Studies
  • Warren Strauss, internal audit

Human ecology

  • William Meredith, associate dean, College of Human Ecology
  • Sharon Morcos, human nutrition
  • Virginia Moxley, dean, College of Human Ecology

Research and extension

  • James Adams, extension specialist
  • Peggy Berrier Boyd, extension agent, Wyandotte County
  • Scott Chapman, extension agent, Post Rock district
  • Mike Deewall, extension agenda, Comanche County
  • Cynthia Dixson, extension director, Rawlins County
  • Beverly Dunning, extension director, Sedgwick County
  • Jack Lindquist, Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership
  • Ann Ludlum, extension agent, Southwind District
  • Belinda Oldham, extension agenda, Wichita County
  • Margaret Phillips, cooperative extension director
  • James Shroyer, extension specialist, crop specialist
  • Jim Strine, Kansas Forest Service
  • Deanna Sweat, extension agent, Post Rock district

K-State Libraries

  • Deborah Madsen

K-State Salina, technology and aviation

  • David Delker, associate dean, technology and aviation
  • Robert Homolka, arts, science and business
  • Jackie Linn, Salina registrar

Veterinary medicine

  • Elisabeth Perchellet, diagnostic medicine/pathobiology

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