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Joining a student organization may connect you with others with similar interests, develop your leadership skills, prepare you for your future career, create lasting friendships, and more. Explore the more than 400 registered student organizations at K-State. There’s a club in your major, groups that celebrate culture, and opportunities to compete in sports or serve others, as well as special interest groups. 

If you can’t find the group you’re looking for, then grab four friends and start your own. To learn more about starting an organization, visit here.

Activities Carnival - Explore hundreds of studnet organizations the first week of each semester by attending the Activities Carnival, a signature event of Week of Welcome

OrgCentral - Browse all registered student organizations on OrgCentral. Students and staff can login to view more in-depth information about each organization, including groups they belong to. 

Student Organization Categories

One of the largest categories of registered student organizations, thanks to nearly every academic major having at least one organization. Academic organizations are one of the easiest ways to get involved from day one since you'll likely hear about them from your academic advisor and faculty. Meet others that you'll have as classmates, get to know your faculty, and make connections between what you're learning in class with events/activities outside of class.
Academic Competition Team (ACT)
Looking for a way to test your knowledge gained in the classroom? Then Academic Competition Teams might just be for you. Practice those skills your learning, work with teammates and faculty, and represent K-State at competitions at all levels. Who knows, you may even be able to add "National Champion" to your resume some day.
Community Service
Just like the category name sounds, these groups are all about giving back to the community around them! What a great way for you to meet other students interested in doing good for others, and spending time helping your local community. You, too, can make a difference just by checking out, and joining, one of these organizations.
Looking for an all-in-one involvement opportunity - leadership, service, philanthropy, community, and more? Then perhaps a fraternity or sorority is what you're looking for. These organizations are the social Greek-letter organizations that you are likely familiar with (unlike those honorary groups that utilize the Greek alphabet - it's confusing, we know). Most of the organizations fit within one of the three governing councils - Interfraternity Council (IFC - fraternities), Panhellenic Council (PHC - sororities), and National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC - historically black fraternities & sororities); there are a couple additional organizations not represented by these councils, so make sure to check them out as well.
Interested in learning more about IFC or PHC organizations? Check out their website: https://www.fslatkstate.com/ 
General University
As a student, you might have some interest in representing your college, your residence hall, and gain more leadership experience. Those organizations in this category typically represent an area on campus - college councils, ambassador programs, community programming, and student governance to name a few. Getting involved in these organizations is a great way to connect with students outside of your classrooms and across the campus!
Scholarship, leadership, and service are often the key cornerstones of the honorary organizations on campus. Some of these organizations require members to have a specific GPA, major, or year in school, while others are open to students with specific interests. Explore the many opportunities to meet others who share your passions for scholarship, develop as a leader, and give back to your community through service!
Engage with those from cultures different than your own, or even connect with those students who share your very own culture. The many multicultural student organizations on campus bring perspectives from around the world right to the "Little Apple" and heart of campus. You'll be able to celebrate festivals, learn a new language, expand your knowledge and understanding, explore your own culture, and more! 
An important aspect of our democratic society is politics. Take a moment to explore your own ideologies, learn about others, consider how civic engagement is an important component of being a Wildcat. Getting involved in a political organization will help you find ways to engage with others in important conversations.
Finding a religious community might be important to you, so it's a good thing there are many organizations available to help you do just that. Some are connected to specific places of worship in the Manhattan community, others are more stand-alone campus groups. Make sure to check out all of the options to find the one that fits your interests most.
Special Interest
The second largest category of student organizations, all of those groups that don't fit into one of the other categories falls within this one. There are organizations for different hobbies, activities, interests, communities, and more represented here. The best way to find one that you might be interested in? Take a moment to browse through them all! We're sure you'll find something that will pique your interest.
Sport Club
Have you played a sport for years and want to continue to do so? Interested in taking up a new sport? Want to compete against other campuses? Then sport clubs are perfect for you! Join a team, practice, and compete against other college students to bring home that trophy! With teams representing a number of different sports, you are bound to find one that fits your interests.