K-State researcher examines a stalk of wheat

Global Food Systems

K-State has been helping to feed the world for more than 150 years as the country’s first operational land-grant institution. We are fiercely proud of our leadership in service to humanity.

Check out this video from HirePaths about a day in the life of agronomist and K-State alumnus, Brandon Heinitz

The FY22 seed grant cohort received $795,900 in funding and leveraged an additional $7.5M in extramural funding
$3.65M in licensing revenue for GFS technologies with 12 new GFS-related license technologies in FY22
39 industry funded food-related projects in FY22 for a total of $7.68M+

A global challenge requires a world leader

To feed the rapidly growing global community, the world's farmers will need to produce between 70 percent and 100 percent more food. K-State has been preparing for this challenge for decades.