Spring 2021

Main features:

  • The grid: A key priority area of the College of Engineering is to become an international leader in power and energy systems. This story features K-State research that focuses on power electronics and improving the nation's power grid.
  • Coronavirus update: The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our daily lives. This story is an update on various coronavirus research projects across multiple disciplines.
  • Robotics and distance education: This story highlights the College of Education and its Rural Education Center robotic learning program as well as other college initiatives to help teachers and families with remote learning.
  • Tick-borne diseases: The NIH has reported that cases of tick-borne diseases have significantly increased in recent years. This story highlights K-State's work in the area, including the Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Diseases.
  • Wheat research: The story highlights several recent research achievements related to wheat, including the International Wheat Yield Partnership, the recent genome sequencing of 15 wheat varieties and wheat blast research.

Shorter features

  • UDP focus: Christine Aikens' research focuses on the relationship between the structure and properties of nanomaterials.
  • Faculty focus: Tom Haritos is leading a research team that recently received $1 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation/FAA for UAS research. Their work is guiding the FAA on UAS rulemaking and brings national attention to the K-State UAS and aviation-based programs.
  • Graduate scholar: Sarah Lamm, master’s student in geology succeeds at science communication and has spoken to more than 2,000 people about the Curiosity Rover. For her outreach work in rural Kansas, she was selected as a 2019 Mars Generation 24 Under 24 Leader and Innovator in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, or STEAM, and Space.
  • Undergraduate scholar: Anna Welsh, senior in psychology, art and modern languages/Spanish recently received an OURCI research grant for her interdisciplinary work, “Mapas, mujeres y Madrid: From Birth to Death with Urban Women of Madrid in The Ramp by Carmen de Burgos.” Her research project involves art, history and language.
  • Engagement: The Shelter Medicine Mobile Surgery Unit in the College of Veterinary Medicine recently completed its 27,000th spay/neuter procedure. The Mobile Surgery Unit began five years ago and provides hands-on surgical experience for veterinary students. The unit has traveled statewide and has helped dozens of animal shelters and community organizations save on veterinary care costs.