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Department of Philosophy

Who We Are

We're a small award-winning and undergraduate-focused philosophy department, with strengths in ethics, logic, and the philosophy of science. With us, you will:

Want to find out more? Get in touch, or join us for Rationalitea (and cookies).

Support Philosophy

You can support our mission by contributing to any of three philosophy-specific funds:

  • the Philosophy Scholarship Fund (fund ID: Q12395),
  • the Philosophy Faculty Development Fund (fund ID: F35415), or
  • the Tilghman Excellence Fund (fund ID: F91990)

At this link.

The Tilghman Excellence fund supports visiting speakers, undergraduate and faculty research, and scholarships. The Faculty Development Fund and Scholarship Fund support faculty development and undergraduate scholarships respectively.

To contribute to the Tilghman Excellence fund, select it from the designation box on the donations site. To contribute to the Philosophy Scholarship Fund or Faculty Development Fund, select "Other" in designation box and enter the code for your preferred fund.

Thank you for your support!

Philosophy major recognized for leadership.  

Cade Cieselski, graduating this spring in Philosophy and Modern Languages, is being recognized by Leadership Studies with a Pat J. Bosco Outstanding Leadership Studies Award.  

Congratulations, Cade!