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Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Courses

The philosophy department at K-State teaches a wide variety of courses, which change from semester to semester.

  • For a list of the courses the department is currently offering, click here.
  • For a list of all philosophy courses with descriptions, click here.
  • Fall 2018 Final Examination Schedule, click here

Upper Level Seminars

In addition to our introductory and intermediate courses, our department also offers specialized upper division courses every semester.

Fall 2018, our upper division courses are: 

Perspectives on Science (PHILO 501), with Prof. Tanona

  • Provides historical, philosophical, and sociological perspectives on science, its methods and products, the social processes by which its methods are deployed and its products used, and the ways in which its results become imbued with cultural meaning. 

Ethics (PHILO 585), with Prof. Hicks

  • Examines key developments in moral philosophy. May focus on issues in metaethics, ethical theory, or history of ethics.