Department News

Congratulations to Patrick Kenney on winning a University OURCI Research Award for research in political philosophy on sustainable standards of living he will be doing with Professor Rosa Terlazzo.  Well done Patrick!

Congratulations to Dillon Rockrohr for winning the department's annual essay competition, underwritten by Fred and Virginia Merrill, with his paper "Dismantling the Race Label".  Well done, Dillon! 

Professors Salvatore Florio and Graham Leach-Krouse will present there paper, "Burali-Forti and Indefinite Extensibility" at three venues: the University of Bristol (June 5), University of Oslo (June 8) and the Logica 2015 conference (June 15-19).

Salvatore Florio will present "On the Mathematical Entanglement of Second-Order Logic" at the workshop on Logic and the Metaphysics of Predication, June 11-12, University of Oslo.

Salvatore Florio to present "Plurals and mereology" on May 21 at the Institute of Philosophy, London.  His paper assesses the logical, linguistic, and philosophical aspects of mereological approaches to plurals in natural language.

Philosophy Professor Jonathan Herington to present work on climate change at Ethics Workshop.  Professor Herington's paper is entitled "Climate Vulnerability and The Value of Security" and concerns proper procedure for choosing among ways of adapting to climate change.  His paper will be presented at the 2nd Workshop on Ethics and Adaptation: Loss, Damage and Harm, to be held at the University of Buffalo on May 8-9.

Marcelo Sabatés (currently in disguise as Associate Provost for International Programs) has a forthcoming volume, co-edited with Terry Horgan and David Sosa, from Oxford University Press.  Keep an eye open for Qualia and Mental Causation in a Physical World​.  Congratulations Marcelo!!

The Department of Philosophy Newsletter

Who we are

Our department has strengths in philosophy of science, social and political philosophy, philosophy of language, decision theory, ethics, aesthetics, and philosophy of mathematics.  We are an undergraduate-focused department that is also very active in research, giving our students the opportunity to participate in philosophical research while still undergraduates.

We offer a variety of options within the major program to provide flexibility in organizing a course of studies with philosophy at its center.  We also offer a minor. Our program in philosophy gives students an understanding of traditional philosophical subjects such as the nature and justification of moral values, religious and scientific explanations of the world, the rationality of social institutions, and the nature of reasoning and argument. It also helps students develop critical habits of thinking and skill in understanding complex issues. Consequently, philosophy is an appropriate subject around which to organize a general education for any purpose. Our majors go to law school, medical school, graduate programs in philosophy and related areas, become ministers, and open their own businesses, and all of them credit our program with preparing them for successful careers.

LSAT, GMAT and GRE scores for philosophy majors rank in the top three nationally virtually every year. Also, philosophy majors have among the highest acceptance rates at law schools and medical schools each year. For instance, K-State philosophy majors over the last twenty years have had an acceptance rate at law schools of over 96%.

Research Spotlight

RESEARCH:  KSU Philosopher uses game theory to understand how words, actions acquire meaning

Community Events

We have an active student-led Philosophy Club, which meets on Mondays from 7 to 10 p.m. in Dickens Hall 203. Our new twitter address is:

On Thursdays (unless we have a speaker), from 4 p.m. to whenever, we have Rationalitea in Dickens 201.  Tea and snacks are provided.

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Support the Philosophy Department

The K-State Foundation has two funds that directly support Philosophy: The Philosophy Scholarship Fund (Q12400) and the Philosophy Faculty Development Fund (F35415).  The first provides scholarships for our majors and the second helps the department bring in speakers and travel to conferences.  Thank you for your support!