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Department of Philosophy

Current Faculty


Angela Curran
afcurran@k-state.eduAncient Greek philosophy, metaphysics, and philosophy of art


Bruce Glymourglymour@k-state.eduDepartment head, philosophy of biologySite

Amelia Hicks

ahicks2@k-state.eduMoral philosophy


Nathan Kellennathankellen@k-state.eduMetaphysics, philosophy of logic, history of analytic philosophy Site
Graham Leach-Krousegleachkr@k-state.eduLogic, philosophy of mathematicsSite
Shay Logansalogan@k-state.eduLogic, philosophy of mathematics


Jon Mahoneyjmahoney@k-state.eduPolitical philosophySite
Shanna Slanksslank@k-state.eduEthical theory, feminist philosophySite
Reuben Sternrstern@k-state.eduEpistemology, decision theory, philosophy of actionSite
Scott Tanonastanona@k-state.eduPhilosophy of science, history and philosophy of physics Site 


Teresa Zerbe profile pictureTeresa Zerbe, HCS Liason & Fiscal Officer for the Dept of Philosophy

Office: 201 Dickens Hall

Email: tzerbe@k-state.edu

Phone: 785-532-6758