Philosophy Minor Requirements

The following minor requirements apply to all students who declared a philosophy minor in the Fall of 2013 or later. (If you declared a philosophy minor prior to the Fall of 2013, please contact the department head to determine which set of requirements you should satisfy.)

The philosophy minor is 18 credit hours. This includes:

  1. One of the following logic courses (3 credits)
    • PHILO 110 (Introduction to Formal Logic)
    • PHILO 320 (Symbolic Logic I)
  2. Three courses at the 300 level or above, not including PHILO 320 (9 credit hours)
  3. One course at the 500 level or above (3 credit hours)
  4. One additional unrestricted elective at any level (3 credit hours)

The K-State philosophy department also offers a philosophy major, with several different optional "tracks."