Future Students

Kansas State University offers teaching training in music education that provides future music educators with a course of studies focused on authentic experiences reflective of the practice of music teaching. Students are placed in the schools each semester for observation or participation. You can get some experience in music teaching while still in high school by attending one of our Future Music Educators' Days

The music education program provides students with hand-on experiences in music teaching each year of study totaling to more that 80 hours of field experience prior to student teaching. This is clearly described in the Music Education Handbook. Course content and activities provide students experiences that will build a foundation for success in teaching music. Through course work, performance opportunities, work in the schools, and careful mentoring students graduate with confidence in their ability to teach. Below you will find 4- and 4.5-year degree plans for all three sub plans (Choral, Wind/Percussion, String) as well as a timeline with critical milestones and a sample Advising Handbook.



Come experience the excitement....Music Education at K-State.

“My time in the K-State music education program was exceedingly fulfilling. My schedule was full of classes I loved. I had equally excellent instruction in music and education, as well as the field’s best models from which to learn. I truly believe that nowhere else can you find music education training that is as well-rounded, deeply

developed, research-based, current, relationship-driven, reformative, has as many opportunities, or is as passionate as the one at Kansas State University.”

— Annika Stucky, vocal music teacher in the Geary County School District, 2015 graduate