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Music Education


Year 2 : Nurture the growth

During the junior year of high school, the students involved in the program would:
  • Continue in a second level of music theory that lead to four part voice leading, instrument transposition, and harmonic compositional devices.  Ear training includes simple harmonic progression identification as well as interval and chord inversions. Historical background and examples should be provided associated with the theory learning. Compositions can be performed on an annual student composition recital. Music writing/printing software can be introduced and expected for assignments.
  • Teaching weekly lessons to younger students are continued, often teaching a different grade level of student than the previous year.  They are expected to maintain a notebook of teaching logs that include lesson content, progress notes, and reflections on each teaching experience. Each teaching log is to be scored using a teaching log rubric. At the end of each semester, the apprentice is to complete an summative reflection.
  • Students are to be assigned a music teacher in the district to shadow one or two days a week during an open period.  The student should observe the classes, participate in administrative tasks, and lead sectional rehearsals when needed. See expectations. The cooperating teacher will assess the apprentice. The apprentice will reflect upon their experience.
  • Each student are encouraged to take private piano lessons or piano class.
  • Students are required to prepare a solo for the state solo festival and participate in a large ensemble documented on the participation form.
  • Continue the portfolio documenting the experience and learning.