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Music Education

Peer Teaching Procedures

  1. Make certain that you administrator has been made fully aware of the entire process before commencing into a program where students teach students. Peer teaching is a valuable learning experience but required approval from administration.
  2. Identify the open periods during school and times before/after school that the teaching apprentice has available to teach.
  3. Find students who are in need of extra tutoring. (it is better not to place a proficient student with the apprentice because they may not know how to help the student. Or one too close to the same age due to communication conflicts)
  4. If the apprentice needs permission to leave a study hall or travel to a different school, you must follow the school policies concerning these issues. Take care to monitor student activities for protection of you and the student apprentice.
  5. Monitor the lessons on a weekly basis by viewing the teaching logs and using the Teaching Log rubric.
  6. Discuss the experience of teaching, inquiring of problems or challenges at a minimum of once per month.