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Music Education




The portfolio is the tangible collection of evidence made up of artifacts, evidence, and student work from the apprenticeship and documentation of educational progress.  Used collaboratively by the student and advisor, the student portfolio product serves as a springboard for facilitating and documenting student growth in knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The evidence in the portfolio reflects a student’s ability to meet requirements for completeness and quality. The portfolio is also an tool that can be shared in the college or post-secondary program applications process. It assists future teachers in understanding present levels of achievement.




Students need to have the following supplies to assemble their portfolio.


    * 3-inch 3-ring presentation binder

    * 100 or more medium or heavy weight sheet protectors

    * Five notebook dividers with insertable tabs


Contents of the Apprenticeship Portfolio


The portfolio student product will contain work selected by the students and some pieces selected by the teacher. Students are expected to meet specific requirements each year. (See the sample Portfolio Requirements by year located in the appendix).


    Essential Knowledge of Music Theory and History:


        * Music Theory Handouts

        * Music Theory Exams

        * Compositions

        * DVD or CD  of performances

           * Music History Handouts

        * Music History Exams

        * Research Papers



    Music Performance Skills:


        * Repertoire List

        * Participation Form

        * Concert Programs

        * Contest Ballots

        * CD or DVD of solo performances



    Teaching Skills and Experiences:


        * Sample Teaching Logs

        * End-of-semester Teaching Reflection

        * Apprenticeship Experience Journal and Self-evaluation

        * Apprenticeship Evaluation

        * Conducting Evaluations and Self-assessments

        * Concert Programs from Conducting Experiences