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Music Education


Year 1 : Plant the Seeds

During the sophomore year of high school, student who show interest in music as a career, teaching as a career, or obvious leadership abilities should be encouraged to participate in the Music Teacher Apprenticeship program. 
  • An introduction to music theory begins with a review of music fundamentals leading to aural and visual interval recognition and chord progression identification.
  • Each apprentice is to be assigned one younger student to teach weekly lessons each semester.  They are expected to maintain a notebook of teaching logs that include lesson content, progress notes, and reflections on each teaching experience. Each teaching log is to be scored using a teaching log rubric. At the end of each semester, the apprentice is to complete an summative reflection.
  • Each student are encouraged to take private piano lessons or take a piano class.
  • Students are required to prepare a solo for the state solo festival and participate in a large ensemble documented on the participation form.
  • Begin maintaining a portfolio documenting the experience and learning.