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Famous K-State Alumni

Business, government, military

John Bilbrey, president and chief executive officer, Hershey Co.

Sam Brownback, former U.S. Senator from Kansas and current Governor of Kansas

John Carlin, archivist of the United States

Herbert Dimond, inventor of the snooze alarm

Kelly Dubbert, first vice president and chief operating officer, Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank 

Neil Vander Dussen, president of Sony Corporation of America

Milton Eisenhower, Dwight's brother and former president of K-State

Paul Fisher, president of Fisher Pens, creator of the Space Pen

Marlin Fitzwater, the only press secretary to serve two U.S. presidents, Ronald Reagan and George Bush

Margaret Grosh, senior economist at World Bank

Steven Howe, director of the Center for Space Nuclear Research

Michael W. Kramer, chief operating officer, J.C. Penney Co. Inc.

Lynn Markel, executive vice president and CFO for Koch Industries Inc.

Gen. Richard Myers, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest ranking military official in the nation

Richard Pearson, former president and COO of TWA and former senior vice president of American Airlines

Bill Porter, founder and chairman emeritus of E-Trade

Donald Prigmore, president of GTE-Sprint

Carla Provost, deputy chief of the Border Patrol, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Pat Roberts, U.S. Senator from Kansas

Joseph L. Searles III, first African-American floor broker and floor member, New York Stock Exchange 

John Slaughter, former president of Occidental College and former head of the National Science Foundation

Pete Souza, chief White House photographer

Warren Staley, chairman and chief executive officer, Cargill Inc., the largest privately owned corporation in the U.S.

Scott E. Topping, chief financial officer, Hawaiian Holdings Inc., owner of Hawaiian Airlines 

Jerry Wexler, influential producer at Atlantic Records, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987


Tyrone Adams, NBA

Elijah Alexander, NFL

David Allen, NFL

Dennis Allen, NFL

Gerald Alphin, NFL

Elden Auker, legendary submarine-style pitcher for the world-champion Detroit Tigers (he once struck out Babe Ruth)

Eric Bailey, NFL

Thane Baker, Olympic gold medallist

Thomas Barnett, NFL

Ernie Barrett, NBA

Danny Beard, NBA

Jonathan Beasley, NFL

Monty Beisle, NFL

Monte Bennett, NFL

Gerald Benton, NFL

Greg Best, NFL

Keith Best, NFL

John A. Billings, MLB

Michael Bishop, NFL

Rolando Blackman, NBA all-star

Joe Blanchard, NFL

Bob Boozer, NBA

Ray Bradley, NFL

Barrett Brooks, NFL

Greg Brown, NFL

Larry Brown, NFL

Ron Brown, NFL

Henry Bryant, NFL

Josh Buhl, NFL

Dralinn Burks, NFL

Thomas Bushby, NFL

Bill Butler, NFL

Jerametrius Butler, NFL

Don Calhoun, NFL

Bryan Campbell, NFL

Russ Campbell, NFL

Chris Canty, NFL

Dyshod Carter, NFL

Rock Cartwright, NFL

Brian Casey, NFL

Lamar Chapman, NFL

Henry Childs, NFL

Steve Clark, NFL

Paul Coffman, NFL

Will Cokeley, NFL

Jim Colbert, pro golfer

Andre Coleman, NFL

Norris Coleman, NBA

Tim Colston, NFL

Larry Comley, NBA

Jarrod Cooper, NFL

Ron Coppenbarger, NFL

Les Craft, NBA

Willis Crenshaw, NFL

Tyrone Crews, NFL

Henry Cronkite, NFL

Willie Cullars, NFL

Lawrence Darnell, NFL

Daniel Davis, NFL

Roy DeWitz, NBA

Lynn Dickey, NFL quarterback

Jon Doty, NFL

Robert Douglass, NFL

Marc Dunn, NFL

Andy Eby, NFL

Maruice Elder, NFL

Jack Epps, NFL

Jay Dale Evans, NFL

Jerome Evans, NFL

Mike Evans, NBA

Eric Everley, NFL

DeMarcus Faggins, NFL

Mario Fatafehi, NFL

E.E. Feather, NFL

Olga Firsova, WNBA

Donald Flenthrope, NFL

DeShawn Fogle, NFL

Wally Frank, NBA

Josh Freeman, starting quarterback for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Scott Fulhage, NFL

James Furey, NFL

Percell Gaskins, NFL

Carl Gerlach, NBA

Eugene Goodlow, NFL

Brian Goolsby, NFL

Ira Gordon, NFL

Joe Gordon, NFL

Martin Gramatica, NFL

Rogerick Green, NFL

Steve Grogan, quarterback for the New England Patriots

Elmer Hackney, NFL

Raymond Hahn, NFL

David Hall, NBA

Joe Hall, NFL

Homer Hanson, NFL

Kenny Harrison, Olympic gold medallist

Larry Hartshorn, NFL

Maruice Henry, NFL

Steve Henson, NBA

Mack Herron, NFL

Bryan Hickman, NFL

Thomas Hill, NFL

Lew Hitch, NBA

Cliff Holloman, NFL

Steve Honeycutt, NBA

Doug Hoppock, NFK

Thomas Houchin, NFL

Darren Howard, NFL

Kevin Humphrey, NFL

Jeff Hurd, NFL

Jim Iverson, NBA

Pat Jackson, NFL

Kendyl Jacox, NFL

Clyde Johnson, NFL

Damina Johnson, NFL

Jason Johnson, NFL

Mike Johnson, NFL

Alvin Jolley, NFL

Askia Jones, NBA

David Jones, NFL

Willie Jones, NFL

Randy Jordan, NFL

Tony Jordan, NFL

Jason Kazar, NFL

Jeff Kelly, NFL

Dick Knostman, NBA

Laurie Koehn, WNBA

Vic Koenning, NFL

Lon Kruger, NBA

Jerry Krysl, NFL

Mike Kuhn, NFL

Ernie Kusnyer, NBA

Lynn Larson, NFL

Mo Latimore, NFL

Ben Leber, NLF

Nick Leckey, NFL

Leonard LeGault, NFL

Ryan Lilja, NFL

Ricky Lloyd, NFL

Aaron Lockett, NFL

Kevin Lockett, NFL

Tyler Lockett, NFL

George Lyon, NFL

George Maddox, NFL

L.E. Madison, NFL

Megan Mahoney, WNBA draft pick

Dan Manucci, NFL

Ron Marciniak, NFL

Matt Martin, NFL

William Matan, NFL

Don Matuzsak, NBA

Chad May, NFL

Derrick McBride, NFL

Jerry McCloud, NFL

Darnell McDonald, NFL

Kenny McEntyre, NFL

Harry McGee, NFL

James McGill, NFL

Jon McGraw, NFL

Damion McIntosh, NFL

Pat McKenzie, NBA

Shad Meier, NFL

Steve Mitchell, NBA

Justin Montgomery, NFL

Mike Montgomery, NFL

Quincy, Morgan, NFL

Jim Bob Morris, NFL

Dennis Morrison, NFL

Lyle Munn, NFL

Frank Murphy, NFL

Willie Murrell, NBA

Ed Nealy, NBA

Gerald Neasman, NFL

Jordy Nelson, NFL, member of 2011 NFL Super Bowl champions the Green Bay Packers

Ron Nery, NFL

Quentin Neujahr, NFL

Terence Newman, NFL

Ralph Nichols, NFL

Nicole Ohlde, WNBA

Chris Oltmanns, NFL

Mike Osborn, NFL

Jack Parr, NBA

Madison Pearson, NFL

Ralph Pfeifer, NFL

Terry Pierce, NFL

Nick Pino, NBA

Ted Power, MLB

Rollin Prather, NFL

Norbert Raemer, NFL

Bobby Randall, MLB

Horace Randels, NFL

Thomas Randolph, NFL

Randy Reed, NBA

Tank Reese, NFL

Andy Replogle, MLB

Jamie Rheem, NFL

Joe Rheem, NFL

Mitch Richmond, NBA all-star

Ell Roberson, NFL

Raymond Romero, NFL

Fred Rothwell, NFL

Mitch Running, NFL

Dougal Russell, NFL

Kevin Saunders, world-champion wheelchair athlete

Josh Scobey, NFL

Clarence Scott, NFL

Richard Sears, NFL

Earl Seyfert, NBA

Leland Shaffer, NFL

Howie Shannon, NBA

Andrew Shull, NFL

Mike Simeta, NFL

Mark Simoneau, NFL

Reggie Singletary, NFL

J.J. Smith, NFL

Mario Smith, NFL

Michael Smith, NFL

Roy Smith, NBA

Sean Snyder, NFL

Gary Spani, NFL

Darren Sproles, NFL

Milford Stephenson, NFL

Shanele Stires, WNBA

Art Strozier, NFL

John Stucky, NFL

Roger Suttner, NBA

Justin Swift, NFL

Marvin Switzer, NFL

Veryl Switzer, NFL

Charles Tackwell, NFL

Cecil Taylor, NFL

James Terry, NFL

Daniel Thomas, NFL's Miami Dolphins

Bobby Thompson, NFL

Jerry Togiai, NFL

John Tuttle, NFL

Jerry Venable, NBA

Bobby Walker, NFL

James Walker, NFL

Taco Wallace, NFL

Rashad Washington, NFL

Jeff Webb, NBA

Howard Webber, NFL

Kendra Wecker, WNBA

Bernard Weiner, NFL

Todd Weiner, NFL

John Welch, NFL

Cedrick Williams, NFL

Chuckie Williams, NBA

George Williams, NFL

Larry Williams, NBA

Melvin Williams, NFL

Craig Wilson, MLB

Travis Wilson, NFL

Nyle Wiren, NFL

Earl Woods, father of golfer Tiger Woods and one of the first blacks to play on a college sports team

Mike Wroblewski, NBA

Ron Yankowski, NFL

Paul Yniquez, NFL

Ryan Young, NFL

Charles Zickefoose, NFL


Kirstie Alley, actress

Erin Brockovich, environmental activist whose story was featured in a movie starring Julia Roberts

Velina Houston, award-winning playwright and author

Tim Izo Orindgreff, band member of The Black Eyed Peas 

Gordon Jump, actor who played the Maytag man

Virgil Miller, pioneer of special effects in the early days of Hollywood

Samuel Ramey, basso cantante with the New York City Opera

Mark Schultz, contemporary Christian music artist and Dove Award winner

Eric Stonestreet, Emmy Award winner and actor on the ABC comedy "Modern Family"