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K-State Media Guide — Colleges and Deans

K-State has nine colleges and the Graduate School, together offering bachelor's degrees in more than 100 fields, more than 30 certificate programs, more than 60 master's and 40 doctoral degree programs.

Agriculture/Research and Extension
John D. Floros, 785-532-6147, floros@k-state.edu

Architecture, Planning & Design
Tim de Noble, 785-532-5950, tdenoble@k-state.edu

Arts & Sciences
Amit Chakrabarti, 785-532-6900, amitc@k-state.edu

Business Administration
Kevin Gwinner, 785-532-7227, kgwinner@k-state.edu

Debbie Mercer, 785-532-5525, dmercer@k-state.edu

Darren Dawson, 785-532-5590, dmdawson@k-state.edu

Graduate School
Carol Shanklin, 785-532-7927, shanklin@k-state.edu

Human Ecology
John Buckwalter, 785-532-5500, jbb3@k-state.edu

K-State Olathe
Ralph Richardson, interim CEO and dean, 913-541-1220

Kansas State Polytechnic
Verna M. Fitzsimmons, 785-826-2601, vfitzsimmons@k-state.edu

Veterinary Medicine
Tammy Beckham, 785-532-5660

K-State Global Campus
Sue Maes, 785-532-5644, scmaes@k-state.edu

K-State Libraries
Lori Goetsch, 785-532-7492, lgoetsch@k-state.edu