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Digital Innovation Programs

Where do you want to go in the digital world? Let our imagination inspire yours!

Digital Media Innovation

Do you want to start your own business or social venture? Master artificial intelligence to build smarter machines? Design and code mobile apps? Outsmart hackers? Transform robotics? Design next-gen games? Push culture into the future? Manage digital advertising campaigns? Neutralize misinformation and disinformation online? Advocate for safe spaces for family, friends and other online communities? Or, write compelling content that connects consumers and businesses across digital platforms?

Whatever you want to do in the digital world, earning a Bachelor of Science in Digital Innovation in Media (DIGIN) is the first step. The DIGIN program will build your digital skills and help you develop the mindset of an entrepreneur, computer programmer and digital communicator on campus or wherever you are.



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Earn four credentials in one degree on campus or 100% online



Advance your knowledge and skills in using the latest technology in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, video and audio production, 3-D printing and more in the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab.


Career Outlook for Digital Innovators

  • The digital economy will create 1.7 million digital media-related jobs by 2030 with entry-level salaries ranging from $40,000 to $111,000. – US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • More than 80 percent of CEOs say finding and hiring employees with the key skills they need to succeed in the digital world will become even greater as business models evolve. – Accenture CEO Survey
  • Internationally, as many as 375 million workers — or 14 percent of the global workforce —will require upskilling by 2030. – McKinsey Global Institute