students participating in immersive workshops during digital summit

K-State Digital Summit

Explore leading edge digital innovation and learn more about next-gen digital degree and certificate programs.

Demand for digitally skilled professionals is increasing

According to projections by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for digitally skilled professionals by Kansas and regional employers are estimated to need over 40,000 graduates with blended digital skills in the next decade. In addition, the bureau estimates that 1.7 million digital media-related jobs will need to be filled by 2030.

A summit of opportunity

Participate in immersive workshops led by faculty experts who represent new programs in digital innovation. These programs cover a range of areas including media, cybersecurity, computer science, marketing technology, and social media management. Participants will also have the opportunity to experience simulations in augmented and virtual reality, mobile app development, and artificial intelligence.

Listen in on a panel of industry professionals from companies involved in the field. Past panels have included representatives from Garmin, KaZoo Digital Media, JNT, Lucky Orange, and VMLY&R. Discussions covered in-demand market-ready digital skills, careers, and expectations for future graduates to prepare students for careers in fields such as mobile app development, digital marketing, social media management, data analysis, and game design.

2023 Digital Summit

Learn more about the Digital Summit for Teens to explore digital innovation and Kansas State University's next-gen digital degree and certificate programs.


Why next-gen digital innovation?

Building blended digital skills will prepare you to write compelling content, code software, create digital art, build mobile apps, secure networks, design games and digital advertising, optimize analytics and data, start your own online businesses, communicate across cultures and so much more.


what do you want to do in the digital world



What Digital Summit Attendees Had to Say
"The digital summit gave us opportunities to learn about design and its processes: for example storyboarding and app design." Dayne Williams, Sophomore GEHS

"I learned a lot about AI" -Lucas Adams

"It was intriguing to learn more about careers based on the tech. world"-Amin Mohammed

"It opened my horizons on new career opportunities"-Jaeger Anderson

"The Digital Summit was like a dream. I have always loved working with computers since I was in the computer labs in elementary school. The fact that I got to talk to awesome people who work in the field every day and have extremely in-depth conversations about programming, Artificial Intelligence, and whatever else we happened to share a passion for was truly inspiring.

As someone who isn't really surrounded by people who love computers as much as I do, I felt a little weird talking about programming and AI around them. This Digital Summit brought together so many more people like me and people who work in the field so I could talk about whatever passion I had and goals I have for the future instead of someone telling me 'You should try for something more achievable or rational' like I have heard so painfully often because I have fairly lofty goals, I was given resources, help, and guidance I didn't even know was available. I was given reassurance that whatever I am doing to improve myself now is more than enough to prepare for a digital future.

The workshops we did were enlightening and I got to really feel what it was like to work in the field I love so dearly. From AI to drones to whatever else, I left the Digital Summit more knowledgeable and hopeful for the future and, quite frankly, a little sad that it was over so soon.

I will definitely be attending in the future and look forward to more events like this one." - Tyler Burns, Junior at GEHS