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Navigation Tips for Faculty and Staff

We hope you are starting to get comfortable with the navigation in KSIS 9.2 and are finding the personalization features handy.  If, however, you are struggling with 'too many clicks', we encourage you to customize KSIS to meet your individual navigation needs and preferences.

You can add new tiles to an existing homepage, or create a new homepage with just the tiles you need.  It's very easy to do -- and you only have to do this once.  See pages 6-7 of the KSIS 9.2 Quick Start Guide for simple instructions.

Here is a list of tiles you may be interested in adding to your homepage.  The tiles are located under the “K-State Fluid Applications” menu:

  • Class Scheduling
  • Class Search
  • Class Permissions
  • Graduation
  • Athletic Certification
  • Student Services Ctr (Student)
  • KSU Advisor Center
  • Faculty Center

*Note: You may not be able to see all of these tiles.  Access to tiles is based on your KSIS role.

If questions, contact the IT Help Desk.