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Human Capital Services

Human Capital Services
Kansas State University
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Employee Self Service Instructions

You can do and see a lot in HRIS/Employee Self Service, select a topic to learn more.

Please note the following:

Viewing and Changing Personal Information (Address, Marital Status, Ethnicity, etc.)

You may review and update your address, phone number(s), emergency contacts, marital status and ethnic group (s) in Personal Information Summary.  Please note:  employees are encouraged to keep emergency contact information up to date to ensure that the department or Human Capital Services may promptly respond to a medical emergency. If changes are needed, select the corresponding yellow button.

Go to: Employee Self Service > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary

Personal Information Summary

Work Information

This page represents your primary job information that will be printed in the Campus Phone Book and that will display online in the K-State People Directory. Please submit discrepancies to your department personnel specialist.

Go To: Employee Self Service > View Work Information

view of work information


View Paycheck via PDF

Paycheck information is available via HRIS/Employee Self Service the Monday prior to a payday.

Go to:  Employee Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > View Paycheck

Select the desired check date link. Note: the Pop-Up Blocker needs to be turned off to view a paycheck PDF file.

The most recent on-cycle paycheck will be the first check listed unless a paycheck has been adjusted. Adjusted paychecks will display the pay period end date in which the adjustment was processed.

view paycheck list

View Paycheck Data:

The top sections include:

  • Pay Group
  • Pay Begin Date
  • Pay End Date
  • Business Unit (KSUNV for all K-State employees)
  • Advice #
  • Advice Date
  • Name
  • Address
  • Employee ID
  • Department ( Department ID and Name)
  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Pay Rate
Tax Data (Federal/KS State from W-4 & K-4)
  • Marital Status
  • Allowances
  • Additional Pct
  • Additional Amt
tax data
Hours and Earnings:
  • Description (Regular Earnings, Holiday Credit, Vacation Leave, Etc.)
  • Rate
  • Current Hours
  • Earnings
  • Hours
  • YTD Earnings
  • Fed Withholding (Federal Income Tax Withholding)
  • Fed MED/EE (Employees share of Medicare)
  • Fed OASDI/EE (Employees share of Social Security)
  • KS Withholding (Kansas Income Tax Withholding)
hours, earnings and taxes
  • Before Tax Deductions (Description, Current, YTD Year-to-Date)
  • After-Tax Deductions (Description, Current, YTD Year-to-Date)
  • Employer Paid Benefits (Description, Current, YTD Year-to-Date)

Deduction Codes and Descriptions (xls)

deductions and benefits
Current and YTD (Year-to-Date) for the most recent on-cycle check:
and Taxes:
  • Total Gross
  • Federal Taxable Gross
  • Total Taxes
  • Total Deductions
  • Net Pay

The Total Taxes includes Social Security, Medicare, Federal and State Withholdings.

The Total Deductions includes all before and after tax deductions.

totals and net
Leave Balances (Year-to-Date, Paid Time Off, Sick Leave)
  • Start Balance
  • Earned
  • Bought (Not applicable)
  • Taken
  • Sold (Not applicable)
  • Adjustments
  • End Balances
Net Pay Distribution
  • Payment Type (Advice, Direct Deposit or Check)
  • Account Type (Checking or Savings)
  • Account Number(s)
  • Deposit Amount(s)
  • Total
leave balances and net pay

If you have questions regarding your pay information, please contact your department personnel specialist.

W-4 and/or K-4 Tax Information

W-4 Tax Instructions

K-4 Tax Instructions

Go To:  Employee Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > W-4 and/or K4 Tax Information

  • Employees who have tax withheld for a state other than Kansas will not be able to update the State portion of Employee Self-Service. These employees will need to contact the Payroll office at (785) 532-6277 for additional instructions. Employees who maintain a visa will continue to submit paper W-4 form or K-4 forms.
Benefits Summary

You may review your Medical/Prescription, Dental, Vision, Supplemental Life, TEA Life, Flex Spending, and retirement plan coverage or participation.

Go to: Employee Self Service > Benefits > Benefits Summary

view of benefits types,  plan  description and coverage or participation
Total Compensation Summary

This allows employees to view a summary of their direct and indirect compensation based upon information from the Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

  • Direct compensation: Pay received for hours worked, holidays, leave, etc.
  • Indirect compensation: Contributions by the University on behalf of the employee for insurance, retirement and employer required taxes.

Includes salary, health insurance, life insurance, retirement, other benefits, and tax contributions for a given calendar year.

The summary does not replace W-2 forms or other income tax related information and is not intended for use in tax preparation.

Go To:  Employee Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > View > Total Compensation Summary

Read the information on this page carefully before proceeding to the Total Compensation Summary page.

total compensation summary detail  
Life Insurance Summary

Allows employees to view supplemental life insurance coverage amounts.  Coverage amounts on this page do not reflect the 150% basic term life insurance every benefits eligible State employee receives at no cost. This page displays supplemental life insurance.

Go To:  Employee Self Service > Benefits > Life Insurance Summary

view insurances summary page

Learning & Development

Training Enrollment

Allows employees to enroll in KSU training opportunities coordinated by the Division of Human Resources, Training, Hale Library and other departments via HRIS/Employee Self Service.

If applicable, please secure supervisor's permission before enrolling.

Go To:  Employee Self-Service > Learning and Development > KSU Training Enrollment

A list of training opportunities will appear. Select the “View Available Sessions link or enter a full or partial course name in the search box for a list of matching courses. (i.e., FIS, HRIS, Performance Review, etc.)

course list

The following session information will appear (i.e., session date, session number, location, start time, duration, open seats and waitlisted). Click the desired session number to view session details.

Session details will appear. Click on "Continue" to begin the enrollment process.

To submit the enrollment request, click on the "Submit" button.

Comment: (Optional) Enter comments, if applicable.

Note: Comments are optional, and will appear within e-mail registration confirmation sent to you, your supervisor, department personnel specialist and Learning & Development staff.

After clicking on Submit, a Registration Confirmation will be sent to you, your supervisor and your department personnel specialist via e-mail from psoft@ksu.edu

If you have questions regarding your enrollment status, please contact Learning & Development at learning-develop-hr@ksu.edu. Please include your name, employee ID, course title, course code, and course session number.

Training Summary

This allow employees to view a listing of the training they have completed through their department, Learning & Development, and the Division of Human Resources.

Go To:  Employee Self Service > Learning and Development > Training Summary

A listing of the training sessions you have completed appears.

training summary

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact your department personnel specialist.

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