Payroll News and Updates

Payroll Processing Update

January 22, 2024

Considering recent system disruptions throughout campus, many offices are working to shift processes in an effort to maintain business continuity during this difficult time. The Division of Financial Services, Payroll in partnership with Human Resources, is working to identify new procedures to route, collect and process critical personnel and payroll information. Utilizing new procedures, we will ensure departments are able to submit forms timely and interruptions to employees, limited.

New Submission Processes

Effective immediately, payroll forms can be submitted to DFS Payroll through the following:

  • Microsoft Team Group (HR Docs). Set up through Human Resources, Microsoft Teams access is provided to limited individuals throughout campus. Authorized HR Liaisons can drop files into their designated folders for processing by both the HR and Payroll teams.
  • Fax submission to DFS Payroll at 785-532-6025 (Add Pay, Payroll Transfers, Verified Direct Deposit information).
  • Campus mail to 110 Fairchild Hall.

Perceptive Content (Image Now) Workflow Recovery

As many systems are now offline and unavailable, the Payroll Office is working to recover Perceptive Content (ImageNow) submissions that have yet to be processed. We ask business and HR partners across campus to review recent submissions (Add Pays, Payroll Transfers, etc.) and if incomplete, resend them to Payroll as soon as possible utilizing one of the methods presented above.

We appreciate your assistance during this time as we work to minimize disruptions in payroll processing. Please reach out if you have any questions.

The Payroll Team.