3 minute thesis

The Three Minute Thesis Competition, or 3MT®, first held at The University of Queensland in 2008, is an academic competition that challenges graduate students to present a compelling oration on their thesis/dissertation topic and its significance to a non-expert audience in just three minutes using a single, static slide.

2024 Three Minute Thesis winners

Final round judges selected a first and second place winner from among 12 graduate students who competed in the final round of the competition on February 22. The audience selected a people's choice award winner. The first place presenter represented K-State at the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) 3MT® Competition on April 5.

Read the news release for more details about the 3MT winners. You can also watch each awardee's presentation below or view the entire competition on YouTube.

2024 3MT winners

Watch Endy's presentation Watch Kylee's presentation Watch Fei's presentation

2024 3MT finalists

Finalists were selected from the first round of the 3MT competition that included 69 participants.

Irosha Wanithunga
PhD student in Agronomy
Nitrogen Fixing Microbial Products: A Solution for Nitrous Oxide Emissions & Sustainable Agriculture?

Dena Bunnel
PhD student in Security Studies
Growing Peace: The Impact of Agricultural Development on Resilience in Conflict-Affected Nigeria

Hazel Scribner
MS student in Entomology
Pest Management is Buckets of Fun

Kendra Marstall
MS student in Public Health
Physical Activity in Rural Long-term Care

Shivaprasad Doddabematti Prakash
PhD student in Grain Science
Unwrapping the Sweet Mystery: Is Your Cookie Dough a Safe Delight?

Fei Xyza Asuncion
PhD student in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Improving the Effectiveness of Insect Control by Predicting the Motion of Insecticide Particles

Megan Bourns
PhD student in Agronomy
Sustainable Sufficiency: Phosphorus Fertility, Reimagined

Juhwan Lim
PhD student in Hospitality Administration
Interview Behaviors Tell Personality Traits for Better Hiring Decisions

Ryley Griffin
MS student in Grain Science
Whole Soybeans: Trash or Treasure?

Kylee Jennings
Master's student in Regional and Community Planning
Are Mobile Homes the Solution to the Affordable Housing Crisis?

Endy Lopes Kailer
PhD student in Agronomy
Rooting for Change: Soil Fungi and the Future of Climate Resilience

Jordan Williams
MS student in Civil Engineering
The End is not The End: Swine Manure, a Love Story



Questions about the Kansas State University Graduate School’s 3MT® competition may be directed to Dr. Megan Miller, Assistant Director of Graduate Student Success, mmmiller@ksu.edu or 785-532-6191.