Showcase your research

The Graduate School and Graduate Student Council host annual events for graduate students to present their research or scholarly work with the campus community. Graduate students from all disciplines are welcome to participate. Presenting in these events is an excellent way for graduate students to enhance their communication skills by learning how to explain their work to diverse audiences.

Research and the State

Present a poster of your graduate research and share why your work is important to the state of Kansas. You may be selected to represent K-State at the Capitol Graduate Research Summit.


Ten K-State graduate students join peers from other Regents institutions to present their research posters to legislators at the State Capitol Building.


Give a captivating presentation of your graduate to a non-expert audience in three minutes using a single slide. A great way to enhance your communication skills and develop an elevator pitch!


Showcase your research or scholarly work to the K-State community in a talk or poster presentation, and discover the work of your peers from across the university.