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Graduate School

Financial Support

Most graduate students are able to finance their education with a variety of financial assistance tools specific to graduate school.

Graduate Assistantships

Funded by individual departments and graduate programs, teaching, research and graduate assistantships are awarded based on a student's ability and promise. They usually last nine or 12 months at a time. The maximum appointment is half time, but appointments for lesser fractions also may be made. Continuation of appointments is subject to availability of funds and academic performance (GPA 3.0 or greater). Apply: Contact the department head.

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  • Graduate research assistants or graduate assistants
    • Pay tuition at staff rate.
    • Students on appointments for at least 0.4 time during the spring term are eligible for staff fees during the following summer term.
    • Students on a 0.5 FTE appointment are eligible to participate in the Kansas Board of Regents GTA/GRA/GA health insurance plan
  • Graduate teaching assistants
    • Receive full tuition waiver for spring and fall semesters for holding at least a 0.4 appointment.
    • Students on a 0.5 FTE appointment are eligible to participate in the Kansas Board of Regents GTA/GRA/GA health insurance plan
    • Pay staff fees for the summer term if have held at least a 0.4 appointment the previous spring.
    • Students responsible for campus privilege fees (student health, activity fees, etc.).
    • Tuition benefits only for students enrolled for a minimum of six graduate credit hours each in fall and spring semester.
    • Individual departments may require minimum enrollment of three graduate credit hours in summer.
    • Maximum enrollment is 10 hours for 0.5 and 12 hours for 0.4 appointments; five and six hours respectively for summer.
    • Must be on appointment Sept. 1 through Nov. 17 and Feb. 1 through April 17.
    • Non-native English speakers must score at least 50 on the Test of Spoken English (TSE).


Traineeships are offered through the university or departments that have federally supported traineeships. Apply: Contact individual departments for information.


Loans are available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have successfully applied for financial assistance using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA should be completed well in advance of each academic year for which you are seeking financial assistance.

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Eligible graduate students will be offered two types of loans.  The loan interest rate is set annually on July 1.

  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan: The borrower is responsible for the interest on the loan from the point of disbursement.  You may elect to pay the interest while in-school or defer interest payment until after you graduate or drop below half-time status.

  • Federal Direct Graudate PLUS loan: To receive the Graduate PLUS Loan, you must successfully pass a credit check. The borrower is responsible for the interest on the loan from the point of disbursement.

Other loan programs

  • Health Profession Student Loan Program, 5 percent interest
  • Alumni/Foundation Loan Program, 6 percent interest

Students interested in any of the above listed loan programs are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance, 104 Fairchild Hall.

Other Employment Opportunities

K-State's Career Center provides information about part-time work, both on and off campus. Jobs are updated daily. Some employers ask for continuous listings throughout the semester. These jobs can also be found on the Job Board in the K-State Student Union.

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  • Qualified for Federal Work Study? You may apply for all on-campus part-time positions, not just those "requiring" or "preferring" work study eligibility.
  • Not Qualified for Federal Work Study? You are welcome to apply to positions "preferring" or "requiring" work study.
  • Kansas Career Work Study Eligibility for local employers is indicated in the job description. To be eligible for Kansas Career Work Study, you must be a Kansas resident, enrolled in six or more hours and have some financial need. If work hours total 480 per year and are career related, this may count as a parallel internship.