Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships

Various fellowships, scholarships, and grants are available to provide financial support to graduate students at the beginning of their graduate program, during their program, and as they near graduation and prepare for their professional career. Some funding opportunities are offered by the Graduate School and other units at K-State. Other funding opportunities are offered by external agencies and organizations.

Funding from the Graduate School

The Sarachek Predoctoral Honors Fellowship awards $19,000 to a Kansas State University PhD student. The prize honors academic and research excellence.
Students must publish in top journals and speak at national and international conferences to demonstrate research communication. Spring semester applications are accepted.
The Small Grant Program supports research expenses for master's and PhD students in arts, humanities, and social science disciplines in their final year of study.
Grants are up to $1,000 for research costs.
The Graduate School accepts applications for the Small Grants Program each fall semester.
Graduate school is difficult and having children is costly, but students shouldn't have to sacrifice their personal life. The Graduate Student Parent Success Scholarship helps graduate students with families pay for child care.
Our Graduate School graduates should recall their time as students as a period when they created jobs and happy lives.
Timothy Donoghue, a previous Graduate School dean, created this scholarship program to provide outstanding incoming graduate students with premium assistantships.
For one year, doctoral students receive a $5,000 scholarship and master's students receive a $3,000 scholarship.
Funding may be renewed for one year based on a nomination from the student's graduate program.
The Taiwan Study Abroad Scholarship allows graduate and undergraduate students pursuing a concurrent bachelor's/master's degree to experience Taiwanese culture while studying or traveling to Taiwan.
Scholarships will support study abroad for at least one semester, a faculty-led study abroad trip with cultural experiences, or scholarly research presentation at an international professional meeting in Taiwan or an invited exhibition.

Other Funding Opportunities at K-State

The K-State Scholarship Network (KSN) is an online application portal that will connect students with additional scholarship opportunities.
Students will need to create a profile within the system that will match them to specific scholarship opportunities provided by K-State donors.
These scholarships are offered through university departments, potentially including an applicants own academic college and/or department.

The K-State Office of First-generation Students (OFGS) awards $500-$750 scholarships to first-generation students in good academic standing.
Applicants must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours. Immigrant students without FAFSA eligibility may apply.
Recipients make a commitment to pay it forward by mentoring, arranging events with OFGS, or other community service. Students may only receive this scholarship once.

International Student Scholarships

Scholarships from K-State's International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) offers several scholarships for K-State international students.
There are also scholarships and other funding opportunties from organizations outside of K-State available to international students. Some opportunities are listed on the ISSS website. Other opportunities are listed in a shared document.

The U.S. Departartment of Agriculture's APHIS NBAF Scientist Training Program (NSTP) builds technical and subject matter skills to assist the Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (FADDL) at the new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Manhattan, KS.
FADDL will now focus on emerging and zoonotic diseases. This includes BSL-4 pathogens, foot and mouth disease viruses, and other foreign animal diseases such as classical and African swine fever viruses.

Additional/External Funding Opportunities