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Financial Support

Numerous resources are available to help you finance your graduate education, so you can focus on your path to success.

The Graduate School offers several prestigious fellowships that provide hands-on experience in addition to financial aid. We also can help point you to internal and external scholarship opportunities.

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Teaching, research and graduate assistantships are awarded based on a student's ability and promise. These positions are funded by individual departments and graduate programs, and usually last nine to 12 months.

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Graduate students have the opportunity to work in traineeships, as well as other positions on campus to earn money for personal and educational expenses.

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Grant Urban, a graduate student in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design, credits his ability to focus on sustainability in architecture with the scholarships he has received: “This financial support has allowed me to focus more time and energy on my education without the pressing necessity of part-time work outside of my college curriculum.”


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