Formatting Your ETDR

Your ETDR must follow specific formatting guidelines. The ETDR Handbook (PDF) outlines these requirements and demonstrates how to correctly format your ETDR to meet Graduate School requirements. The ETDR Formatting Checklist can also help you navigate the requirements.

K-State recommends you use the provided template options and review the videos located on the ETDR Template Resources page.

ETDRs consist of required and optional sections. The ETDR templates contain a framework of all sections arranged in the required order.

Page numbers must appear centered or right justified. Pages must be numbered according to the chart shown below.

You must use a consistent font and type size, have proper line spacing, margins, include a title page and footnotes/endnotes within your ETDR.

A thesis/dissertation/report should be written in a style appropriate to the discipline represented.

If approved by the student's committee, previously published manuscripts in the author's name may be incorporated, if it meets the general requirements for permanence, copying, and binding.

As you write your ETDR, you will need to be aware of important issues regarding copyright.

The purpose of an embargo is to delay for a limited time public dissemination of patentable or otherwise proprietary or sensitive materials.

The patent system in the United States, as elsewhere, has as its purpose "to promote the progress of science and useful arts." This is certainly a goal of higher education as well and in no way conflicts with the purposes of Kansas State University.

With ETDRs it's possible to submit additional files, such as audio, video, datasets, etc., along with the text of your paper.


ETDR Handbook

The ETDR Handbook (PDF) will take you step by step through the formatting process. Use the interactive table of contents to jump to specific sections.