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Division of Facilities


Facilities is here to serve you. From providing Room requests to Disposal of Property to Repairing a Light, we offer many solutions for you. Most issues can be resolved by filling out one of the below forms or calling Customer Services at 532-6389.  

Service Request

Non-emergency requests for maintenance or service should be entered into the New Service Request. If this form does not address the issue, please contact Facilities Customer Services office at 785-532-6389.
(These items may include, but are not limited to lighting in an area; bushes too high; emergency phones not working; no electrical power to outlet; dripping faucets; etc.)

During normal business hours: 785-532-6389.
After normal business hours: KSU Police Department 785-532-6412.
(These items may include but are not limited to natural gas odors and/or leaks; water running in building from a water line; fire; loss of power to the building; etc.)

New Service Request

Service Request Report

Key Control Forms

Key Control and Distribution, is responsible for the more than 33,000 keys used by University staff, faculty, and students.  The mission of Key Control is to accurately maintain all key records and to control the issuing of all University keys in such a manner as to protect the security of University property.

Working with the Lock Shop and departments throughout the University, Key Control verifies all key requests, issues the keys, maintains computer and card files on each key, and assists with lock changes and special requests.

Since the key window is one of the first and last stops for most University personnel, public relations play a big part in the success of the operation.


Key Authorization Form

Lost Key Authorization

Vehicle Rental

The Motor Pool provides vehicles for lease by University departments for transportation of employees and students.  The Motor Pool is located off campus at 2610 Claflin Road behind the Forestry Building, inside the Vehicle Maintenance Garage.  The fleet consists of sedans, pickup trucks, passenger vans, SUVs, and shuttle buses.

To schedule a vehicle please call the Motor Pool at 785-532-6397 to verify availability and make the reservation.  The Request for Transportation E-Form will then need to be submitted.  Collision insurance will be charged at a rate of $2.33 per day.  Departments will be billed at the end of each month on the Facilities invoice.


Request for Transportation E-Form

Buildings and Grounds Reservation Requests

Room Scheduling is responsible for verifying, scheduling, and processing all requests for 128 general-use classrooms, All Faiths and Danforth Chapels, campus grounds, Weber Arena, and Ahearn Sports Complex.  Room Scheduling receives requests from the maintenance shops inquiring when they can get into general-use classrooms to make minor and major repairs.  Custodial Services rely on a computer print-out from Room Scheduling to plan regular and special cleaning schedules.

Buildings and Grounds Reservation Requests

Project Estimate Request

For planning or construction projects please complete this form and return to the Office of Campus Planning and Project Management via the customer service desk at FACCustomerService@ksu.edu.

Project Estimate Request Form


Pest Control

Disposal of Property

Disposal form for Division of Facilities use only.

For all other KSU departments please contact Division of Financial Services.

2025 Vision

"Responsive, timely and strategic facilities services aligned with campus operational needs as well as future planning and implementation."