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English Language Program

Requirements for Entering Full-Time University Classes

Students may demonstrate English Proficiency prior to arriving at K-State in a variety of ways. Upon arrival in Manhattan, students may demonstrate English proficiency by achieving the following scores on the ELP's English Proficiency Test. Students enrolled in levels 136-150 may also demonstrate English proficiency with their EPT scores at the end of each semester.

Demonstrated English Proficiency

(No ELP classes required)

≥57: Structure

≥57: Reading

≥57: Listening

≥39: Essay

Undergraduate students enrolled in the ELP Exit Level, demonstrate English proficiency by passing these classes with grades of A, B, or C. Requirements for graduate students depend on Graduate School and program of study requirements.

In addition to demonstrating English proficiency, a student must be admitted to a degree program at Kansas State University before beginning academic classes.