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English Language Program

English Proficiency Test (EPT)

New students who have not already demonstrated English proficiency through an accepted standardized language test (for example: iBT, IELTS, etc.) will take the English Proficiency Test (EPT) upon arrival. Depending upon scores and their admission status, students are placed in full-time intensive English classes, part-time English and academic classes, or full-time academic classes. See university standards for undergraduate or graduate students.

Registering for the Test

You need to show English proficiency before taking university classes at K-State University. If you do not already have a passing score on the iBT, IELTS, etc., we offer the EPT for no cost to new students before every semester. If you need to register for the test, please come to the ELP Office (205 Fairchild Hall). You will be given information about the testing location and access to a short online demo test that you can take for practice.  

About the Test

The English Proficiency Test lasts two to three hours and consists of the following parts:

Number of Questions
Essay35 mins.one essay question
Listening30 mins.50 multiple choice questions
Structure (Grammar)25 mins.50 multiple choice questions
Reading (includes vocabulary)35 mins.

25 multiple choice vocabulary questions

25 multiple choice reading questions

The EPT, except for the essay, is taken on computer. You may watch the instruction video and then take a short demonstration test on computer fasttestweb.com.

  1. Click on Examinee Login.
  2. Enter the following test access code (qlq275102).
  3.  It will ask you for an email address and an External ID number. You can enter any email address and any ID number. Because this is only a demo test, this email and ID number will not be used for anything later.
  4. Wait for the test to load.
  5. Watch the video and take the test. The video is about 10 minutes and the Demo Test takes about 15-20 minutes.

Taking the Test

Please arrive at the testing location on time and bring your K-State ID card or your admission letter and a government issued photo ID (like a passport). You will not be allowed to take purses, bags, phones or other items into the testing room. We will provide a safe place to leave these items while you take the test. Pencils will be provided.