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English Language Program

Where to Live?

Students can live ON campus or OFF campus.

Living ON Campus

On campus, students can live in Residence Halls, Jardine Apartments, or Fraternities/Sororities.

Residence Halls

Residence Halls are usually for first-year, undergraduate students.

We have 3 main communities:

Derby Community (Ford, Haymaker, Moore and West halls): about 2,000 students

Kramer Community (Goodnow, Marlatt and Wefald halls): about 1,000 students

Strong Community (Boyd, Putnam and Van Zile halls): about 550 students

For more information, click here

Jardine Apartments

The Jardine Apartments are usually for second-year, undergraduate students or graduate students.

The Jardine Apartments are also good for families.

For more information, click here.





A Fraternity is a place where male students live together.

K-State has 30 fraternities. For more information, click here.


A Sorority is a place where female students live together.

K-State has 18 sororities. For more information, click here.

Living OFF Campus

There are many housing options around town.

To find housing, please check any of those links.

There is a special office on campus that helps students find off-campus housing. Please, make an appointment here: they will help you find the right apartment. 

Need More Help?

Come and see an ELP advisor. It is best to email an advisor and make an appointment.

You can also stop by Fairchild 205 and ask to see an advisor or email us at elp@ksu.edu