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English Language Program

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Study on the Manhattan campus in Spring 2021

Enroll in On-Campus Classes: 

  • Email elp@k-state.edu.
  • If you enroll after January 22nd, you will be charged a $65 late fee.

Cost for On-Campus Classes: 

Number of On-Campus Credit Hours
Total Tuition and Fees for On-Campus Classes

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Campus Safety and COVID-19:

Important Dates: 

Spring 2021

First Day of Spring 2021 Classes: January 25, 2021

  • For In-person/hybrid classes, the first two weeks of class will be entirely online (January 25-February 5). Face-to-face class meeting times are shown in KSIS. Let us know if you have questions about how to see your class schedule. Check your K-State email and Canvas classes often for current information as things may change during the semester. 

End of spring semester: May 14, 2021 

Spring 2021 Student Calendar (pdf)

In-person/hybrid Booklist (pdf)


Please contact elp@k-state.edu with questions.