Quick Facts

University Factbook

Interactive report showing common university metrics.

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Student Data

Excel and PDF reports containing student data such as enrollments, headcounts and credit hours.

Degrees Conferred
  • University (historical 1863-64 to present) ( PDF / Excel )
  • College ( PDF / Excel )
Credit Hours
  • By Class Level, Department, College, and University (1-year reports) ( PDF / Excel )
  • By Class Level and College (5-year report) ( PDF / Excel )
  • By Class Section (20th day reports) ( Excel )
Retention and Graduation
Application - Admissions Statistics
Additional Data

Employee Data

Faculty and staff headcounts, demographics, salary, and other information.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Data, Assessment and Institutional Research (DAIR) provides data and reports to support K-State's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging strategic plan, Action Plan for a More Inclusive K-State, and Principles of Community. The following reports are a subset of data that are available to the public.

Student Diversity (in progress)
Student enrollment and degrees broken down by demographic variables. Report is being updated for 2022-23.

Faculty and Staff Demographics

University Climate Survey
The climate survey was designed to help improve the experience and wellbeing of our university community by measuring how diversity and inclusion play a crucial role at the university.

Public Dashboards

K-State public dashboards provide access to interactive reports covering different aspects of student trends and demographics. These reports enable exploration of data to empower decisions. Data needed for official reporting—surveys, accreditation reports, etc.—should be verified by the Office of Data, Assessment and Institutional Research (DAIR) before submission.


Additional Data Resources

The Budget Office provides comprehensive financial planning and analysis, supporting strategic decision-making and ensuring the effective allocation of resources across the institution.

The Division of Financial Services (DFS) offers a range of financial management services, including accounting, payroll, and procurement, to ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency.