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Wildcat Internship Survey Dashboard

Internships are growing in their importance as a high-impact educational practice for college students and as an activity that promotes career readiness. Although the need for internship outcome data is cited in multiple K-State 2025 plans, there has been no central assessment process at Kansas State University to document when, where and with whom students are completing credit-bearing and co-curricular internships. The Wildcat Internships (WINS) survey begins to address the need for data about student internships. For more information on the WINS survey, read the internship survey background and summary.


Need help using this dashboard? Use these tips.

Dashboard Tips

Use the filters at the top of the screen to change the visualization to represent your report needs. Use the CTRL key from your keyboard to select multiple filter items

Wins Help 2

Use the eraser on the filter title line to clear selections for that filter.

Wins Help 3

Use the triangles to sort lists

Wins Help 4

Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to cycle through different visualizations.

Wins Help 1

Screen shots are the best method to capture images for printing. Direct printing may not capture all elements.

*NOTE: The university does not sponsor or endorse any organizations/companies included in this student, self-reported data.