Evaluate Your Decision

Whether you have made a decision about changing your major or choosing a career path, it helps to reflect back on your decision after some time has passed.

student talking to advisor

Here are 10 questions to help you reflect on your decision:

  1. How much time has passed since you made your decision?
  2. Who influenced your decision-making process?
  3. What do you like about your major/career field of choice? What do you dislike about it? Remember that there is no "perfect" major or career for anyone. It is normal to have both likes and dislikes in your major and career.
  4. What information did you gather to help you make the decision? If there are parts of the decision that still feel unclear (time until graduation, career prospects, salary, work environment, etc.), what information can you continue to gather to bring clarity to your options?
  5. What experience have you gained to help you understand more about the major/career you have chosen (informational interviewing, volunteering, part-time jobs, college classes, etc.)? If you have not gained experience, how might you gain experience moving forward?
  6. What do you value most in a career? How did your values influence your decision? Does the decision you made align with your values? (Consider scheduling a Career Exploration appointment for the Values Card Sort if you want to explore this).
  7. Are finances a factor in your decision-making process? Consider visiting the Office of Student Financial Assistance for information about options to fund your education, or Powercat Financial to learn about money management.
  8. Is the decision-making process causing you significant anxiety? If so, consider utilizing your free sessions at Lafene Counseling and Psychological Services to work through the process in-depth with a licensed professional.
  9. Do you feel confident in your decision? If so, how can you continue to develop skills and gain experience in your field?
  10. Have you created a resume to document your experience?