John M. Tomich, Ph.D., Director
Takeo Iwamoto, Ph.D., Associate Director
Rm. 206 Burt Hall
Ext. # 6297 (both message and fax)

DNA/RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Peptide/Protein Synthesis
Peptide/Protein Sequencing
Mass Spectrometry
Surface Plasmon Resonance


Two scales of synthesis are availiable (0.1 mmole and 0.5 mmole).  Generally fmoc chemistry is used, but t-boc chemistry is availiable upon request. Fmoc chemistry is limited to peptides up to 35 residues in length.

Set-up fee for fmoc or t-boc synthesis
0.1 mmole t-boc chemistry/residue
0.5 mmole t-boc chemistry/residue
0.1 mmole fmoc  chemistry/residue
0.5 mmole fmoc  chemistry/residue
peptide cleavage and analytic HPLC analysis
peptide purification by HPLC
sequencing of peptide
coupling to carrier protein for Ab work
(usually crude peptide is fine)
$ 50.00
$ 40.00
$ 68.00
$ 52.00
$ 100.00
$ 200.00 and up
$ 200.00
$ 100.00

We also offer site specific labeling of peptides with 2H, 3H, 13C, 14C and 15N or biotin labeled amino acids--inquire about costs. D-amino acids and other unusual amino acids can be incorporated into synthetic peptides. Post synthesis modifications are availiable upon request.  The costs for all of these services are directly related to the cost of these reagents.


Our instruments perform automated Edman chemistry.  The PTC-amino acids generated are analyzed using a reverse-phase HPLC system. Samples can be applied in solution to a polyamine treated glass filter or pre-bond to certain nylon membranes. Up to forty residue can be read but runs of less than 25 cycles are preferred. We like to receive samples of greater than 20 pmoles.

Set-up fee
per-cycle charge -3 cycle minimum
$ 50.00
$ 20.00

If sample has the N-terminus blocked, hence cannot be sequenced by this method the run is terminated after 3 cycles. $110.00 is charged for these samples.


As of January 2006 the K-State Core lab will have the ability to analyze both purified proteins and isolated peptide fragments with our new mass spectrometers.  We have the ability to analyzed proteins by both standard 2d-PAGE and nanoflow HPLC.  For more details on the system we purchased as well as its capabilities -- click on this link.  Due to the varied techniques available please inquire for pricing.


Click here to learn more about about our Mass Spectrometry capabilities.

As of May 1995 we have been accepting samples for mass analysis of molecules ranging from 500 -- `60,000 Da. The sensitivity of our laser desorption, time of flight instrument is sub-picomole for masses under 20,000 Da and about 10 pmol for masses larger than 20,000 Da. Our mass accuracy is within 1 AMU for molecules smaller than 5000 Da and approximately 1% for higher masses. Samples should be relatively salt-free. The cost per analysis is $ 20.00 for single samples. Our facility will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Please feel free to come by and discuss your particular project and/or problems.


Click here to
learn more about the Biacore 3000 instrument.

The Biacore 3000 instrument was recently acquired to give the core lab a new dimension, the quantification of molecular interactions. This instrument uses a treated gold slide that allows the covalent attachment and display of lipids or ligands in a flow cell. Potential binding partners can be introduced in solute and the subsequent binding to the bound ligand can be measured. Using this technique on-rates and off-rates can be measured in real time with minimal consumption of materials. Using these values accurate association constants can be determined. The charge for this instrument is $75.00 / day and the researcher must purchase all of their materials and buffers.

Our facility will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Please feel free to come by and discuss your particular project and/or problems.

For questions regarding the KSU Biotechnology Core's Services, please
email John Tomich at jtomich@ksu.edu

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