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Biochemistry and Molecular BiophysicsBiochemistry and Molecular BiophysicsBiochemistry and Molecular BiophysicsBiochemistry and Molecular BiophysicsBiochemistry and Molecular BiophysicsBiochemistry and Molecular BiophysicsBiochemistry and Molecular BiophysicsBiochemistry and Molecular BiophysicsBiochemistry and Molecular BiophysicsBiochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
141 Chalmers Hall
1711 Claflin Rd.
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-7278 fax

Biotechnology Core Facility
206 Burt Hall
785-532-6297 fax

Biomolecular NMR Facility
37 Chalmers Hall

About BMB

Located in Chalmers and Burt Halls, the BMB Program offers B.A., B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Departmental faculty have research programs supported by over $7 million in extramural support for studying various aspects of biochemistry in animals, plants, insects and microorganisms.

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Goldwater Scholar from Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Erianna Basgall

Erianna Basgall, junior in biochemistry, was selected as one of three K-State 2019 Barry Goldwater Scholars. Basgall is working with CRISPR gene editing and developing applications in the lab of Gregory Finnigan, assistant professor in BMB. The Goldwater scholarship is the premier undergraduate scholarship for students interested in research careers in engineering, mathematics or the natural sciences.
Photo courtesy of K-State News.

Matthew Brettmann, Member of the First Graduating Class in BMB Medical Biochemistry, Speaks About His K-State Education

Matthew Brettmann speaks about his K-State education.

Read more from Matthew about his K-State education.  Photo courtesy of Arts and Sciences.

The Recent BMB Active Site Newsletter

Read the latest news in BMB. (Summer 2019) Newsletter created by department faculty and staff. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

Faculty Research Videos

Image of Dr. Finnigan discussing research with students.Image of Dr. Michal Zolkiewski explaining research results to lab staff
Dr. Gregory Finnigan
Dr. Michal Zolkiewski
Image of Dr. Kanost discussing research poster with students.Image of Dr. Durrett helping a grad student with research and link to Dr. Durrett's Youtube research video
Dr. Michael Kanost
Dr. Timothy Durrett
Image of Dr. Brian Geisbrecht overseeing research with lab staff and link to Dr. B. Geisbrecht's YouTube research videoImage of Dr. Erika Geisbrecht demonstrating research results and link to Dr. E. Gesbrecht's Youtube research video
Dr. Brian Geisbrecht
Dr. Erika Geisbrecht
Image of Dr. Klebba's research meeting and link to Dr. Klebba's YouTube research videoAritri Majumdar working in lab
Dr. Phillip E. Klebba
5 Minutes in Dr. Klebba's Lab
Image of Dr. Tomich with student and link to Dr. Tomich's YouTube research video 
Dr. John Tomich 


Images of the Department of Biochemistry, including Chalmers Hall

Chalmers Hall is home to the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Main Office and Biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facility, in addition to the majority of faculty offices, research laboratories and classrooms.

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Recent Achievements

Michal Zolkiewski received a 4-year $1.9 million award from the National Institutes of Health entitled "Discovery of Hsp100-selective inhibitors for targeting multiple microbial pathogens.”

Brian Geisbrecht gave an invited talk "Exploring the functional consequences of conformational substates in C3b,” on June 14, 2019 at the 12th International Conference on Complement Therapeutics in Rhodes, Greece.

Miao Li (grad, Kanost) presented a poster, “The Manduca sexta serpinome: analysis of serpin genes and proteins in the tobacco hornworm,” on June 14 at the 12th Annual Arthropod Genomics Symposium at Kansas State University.

Maureen Gorman presented a poster, "Phylogenetic Analysis of Insect Transferrins," on June 13-14 at the 12th Annual Arthropod Genomics Symposium at Kansas State University.

Ho Leung Ng gave an invited talk "Applications of Machine Learning to Structural Biology,” on June 13, 2019 at the IDeA Central Region Conference in Oklahoma City, OK.

Samantha Goetting, senior in biochemistry, and Jeremiah Shipman, junior in medical biochemistry, were selected as members of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious academic honor society. K-State News

Gregory Finnigan was featured in K-State University's Seek Magazine with "CRISPR Connections: how scientists use genetic technology to improve our world"

Paige Pearson (BMB undergrad, Delong) was published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. "Translating nanomedicine to comparative oncology: the case for combining zinc oxide nanomaterials with nucleic acid therapeutic and protein delivery for treating metastatic cancer"

Brian Geisbrecht was featured in Johnson Cancer Center's Conquest Magazine with "Counter-attacking cancer - Biochemist investigates tumor growth trigger linked to immune system"

Marta Stetsiv (undergrad, E. Geisbrectht) received the Anita Cortez Award at the 19th Annual Developing Scholars Symposium on Arpil 14.

Kierra Halloman (undergrad, Kanost) and Diana Najera (undergrad, Gorman) received Promise Awards at the 19th Annual Developing Scholars Symposium on April 14.

Miao Li (grad, Kanost) gave an oral presentaion, "Investigation of an anti fungal peptide, diapausin, from Manduca sexta,” on April 8, 2019 at the Experimental Biology Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.

Poster presentations at the Experimental Biology Annual Meeting April 6-9. 2019 in Orlando, FL:  Sheila de Melo Barros (postdoc, Tomich); Ashish Kumar (grad, Klebba); John Tomich; Miao Li (grad, Kanost); and Jacob Weber (grad, Gorman).

Pavithra Natarajan presented a poster, "Peptide bilayer capsules to peptide bilayer coated metallic nanoparticles- BAPCs through the decade!", on April 1-2 at the American Chemical Society National Meeting 2019 in Orlando, FL.

Timothy Durrett has earned tenure and a promotion to associate professor. K-State Today

Erica Geisbrecht has earned a promotion to professor. K-State Today

Miao Li (grad, Kanost) gave an invited seminar, "Investigation of an anti-fungal peptide, diapausin, from Manduca sexta," in the Department of Chemistry at Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO on April 1."

Max Harman (BMB undergrad) was selected for Silver Key, a sophomore leadership honor society for 2019-2020 academic year. K-State Today

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