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Accessible Video: Transcription and Captioning


Captions and transcripts should accompany audio and video used to deliver course content to meet the University’s legal requirement to provide equal educational opportunities for all.  All students benefit from the introduction of universal design principles including captions and transcripts.


  • Check currently owned videos for captioning.  Captioning capabilities may need to be turned on with the TV or other device.
  • Videos with English subtitles will also work.
  • When purchasing new videos, buy captioned.  Captioned video will be labeled with one of the following symbols: Captioning Symbols


In order to add captions to video, a transcript is required.  While creating a transcript is often time consuming, there are some different options available to assist.

  • Consider making a transcript yourself.
  • Use a graduate teaching assistant or student worker to create it for you.
  • Vendors can also create the transcript.
  • Once a transcript is available, captions can be added using an approved vendor. Automatic Sync, 3Play, and Cielo24 are recommended.  They work with Mediasite in CANVAS.  Please see the K-State Mediasite page for information on adding captions.  
  • Caption your own YouTube clips.  Check out YouTube for several video tutorials on this topic. 
  • If funds are limited, prioritize videos to be captioned:
    • Videos being created for the first-time.
    • Videos used in high enrollment classes.
    • Videos used every year as part of the curriculum.
    • Videos used to present new information.
    • For audio files, use transcripts.