Before Your Program

Once you have committed to a program, consider the following activities to prepare for travel:

Apply for a Passport

Learn about how to apply for or renew your passport. If you don’t have one, you may apply at the Kansas State Student Union Director's Office or a U.S. Post Office.

Apply for a Student Visa

Many countries require students to apply for a student visa. Ask an Education Abroad Advisor or find more details on our Student Visas page.

Attend Pre-Departure Orientation

Read about the Pre-Departure Orientation session for your location of study. For times and dates, visit our Important Dates and Deadlines page. Note that students on faculty-led programs are not required to participate in the Education Abroad orientation.

Prepare for Enrollment in the Placeholder Course

All students who will be transferring credit to K-State will be enrolled in the GEN 200 or GRAD 700 placeholder course. This allows you to maintain your active student status at K-State.

Consider Insurance, Health and Safety

Learn about the international health insurance coverage through your education abroad program, either via KSU or your 3rd Party Program Provider. Help prevent illness or crime with some tips about health and safety abroad. Call the Lafene Health Center at (785) 532-6544 to set up a free consultation with a travel health specialist, discuss prescriptions and immunizations, and learn about regional health issues.

Plan Your Budget

Your travel plans will include a round-trip airline ticket, ground transportation to and from your program institution, and any other side travel. Plan your budget by reading tips on how to use money abroad.

Learn about Diversity Abroad

Minimize culture shock by thinking about cultural differences for students of diverse backgrounds abroad.

Communication Plan

There are a variety of options to stay connected using your mobile device while abroad. Each mobile carrier has their own options for maintaining service while abroad. Check with your mobile carrier to determine what options work best for you and your needs. If you plan to use a provider in your host country, you will need to confirm eligibility with your domestic carrier first. You may also consider hotspots for on the go wifi connection.

Get Involved in International Activities

Join a student group to find opportunities to socialize and serve with international and returned education abroad students.