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Education Abroad

Important Dates and Deadlines

Study Abroad 101

Study Abroad 101 is our main, introductory information session, held for thirty minutes every weekday during fall and spring semesters in 304 Fairchild Hall. 

Mondays: 3:00-3:30

Tuesdays: 4:30-5:00

Wednesdays: 4:30-5:00

Thursdays: 11:00-11:30

Fridays: 1:30-2:00

Education Abroad Application Deadlines:

September 15th: Early Deadline, Spring 2020

(Includes all programs in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, and Spain, the University of Liverpool, and Kansai Gaidai University) 

October 1st: Faculty-Led Program Deadline (Spring 2020 Courses)

October 15th: General Education Abroad Deadline, Spring 2020

(All Other Destinations)

October 15th: Education Abroad Scholarships Deadline, Spring 2020

Pre-Departure Orientation

To be announced