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University Climate Survey

University Climate Survey

K-State 2025 calls for "a work environment that encourages creativity, excellence, and high morale in faculty and staff, responds to changing needs, embraces diversity, values communication and collaboration, and is respectful, trusting, fair and collegial for all." It envisions a connected diverse, empowered, engaged, participatory culture of learning and excellence that promotes undergraduate student success and prepares students for their professional, community, social and personal lives. It also calls for a culture of excellence that attracts highly talented, diverse graduate students and produces graduates recognized as outstanding in their respective professions.

As the university moves towards 2025, periodic climate surveys will be implemented, with the first survey implemented in fall 2014.

Climate Survey Results

View the presentation (pdf)

Executive Summary (pdf)

Climate Survey Final Report (pdf)

Climate Survey Addendum: Additional Staff Analyses (pdf)

University Climate Survey Committee Report (pdf)

President's Cabinet Subgroup on Diversity Report (pdf)


Related goals

See Our Mission, Vision and Goals.

Related common elements

  • Diversity
  • Culture

Climate Survey Timeline

  • Survey development

    Spring-Summer 2014

  • Survey implementation

    Fall 2014

  • Reporting of results

    Spring 2015

  • Development of strategic actions

    Fall 2015

  • Initial implementation of actions