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Reporting and Analytics

Climate Survey Data Requests

The data from the 2014 Climate Survey is now open for use by interested researchers and/or units. Due to the sensitivity of the data, access will only be allowed after the submission of one of the request forms linked below, and proper approval is received. Once received, the request will be reviewed by a panel of research experts. If the panel requires more information concerning the request, the requester will be contacted.

2015 Climate Survey Questions

There are two general types of requests:  research and data reporting.  

Research Requests

Research requests are those in which the requester seeks to use components of the data for a scholarly research project.  For research requests, once the panel has given approval, the requester will be directed to apply for IRB approval for the research project.  After IRB approval has been obtained, the requester will then work with the Office of Planning and Analysis to receive the specific data requested.  These requests may include the quantitative or qualitative data, depending on the research needs. 

The form should be completed, saved, and submitted along with the curriculum vita of the primary investigator to Brian Niehoff (niehoff@ksu.edu) and Kelli Cox (kellicox@ksu.edu) or through campus mail to Brian Niehoff, 108 Anderson.

Research Request Form


Data Reporting Requests

Data reporting requests are those in which a specific unit seeks to view a subset of the Climate Survey data relative to their unit.  The data are limited to the unit level (e.g., the Library, College of Arts and Sciences, Student Life).  There were no department level identifiers included in the data collection, so there is no reporting of data at that level.  These requests must have the approval and support of the respective unit head (dean, VP, etc.).  These requests will also be considered by the research panel, who will work with the requester to clarify the data report they need.  Once approved, these requests will be forwarded to the Office of Planning and Analysis, who will prepare the data report requested.  Only quantitative data from the Climate Survey will be available for use in data reporting requests, as the qualitative data was not identified with any specific unit.

The form should be completed, saved, and submitted to Brian Niehoff (niehoff@ksu.edu) and Kelli Cox (kellicox@ksu.edu) or through campus mail to Brian Niehoff, 108 Anderson. 

Data Reporting Request Form


If you have any questions on the process for requesting data, please communicate with Brian Niehoff (niehofff@ksu.edu) in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.