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University Climate Survey

As K-State's 2025 strategic plan comes to a close, our strategic planning efforts continue as Next-Gen K-State. See the latest updates on the Next-Gen K-State website.


Letter to Campus from Provost Mason: Diversity, Inclusion, and Our University Climate, June 29, 2016
Addendum to the University Climate Survey now available, July 1, 2015
Kansas State University releases results from first comprehensive climate survey, April 30, 2015
University climate survey awards; final report presentation, January 21, 2015
University Climate Survey open forum April 7, March 25, 2014
University Climate Survey Update, January 30, 2014
Climate Matters Presentation (pdf) by Rankin & Associates, Consulting, January 16, 2014
Letter from April Mason, Provost and Senior Vice President; Julia Keen, President, Faculty Senate; and Janice Taggart, President, Classified Senate, September 6, 2013

Open Forum

April 7, 2014, Little Theatre, K-State Student Union
View the archive of the forum

Consultant Sue Rankin, Rankin & Associates Consultants, shared an overview of the project and answered questions. The informational forum was open to all K-State faculty, staff and students on all three campuses. For those who could not attend in person the forum was streamed live. View the archive.

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