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University Climate Survey

University Climate Survey

At Kansas State University, we are committed to providing an inclusive and diverse environment that encourages creativity, excellence and a high morale among faculty and staff. We honor and value communication and collaboration, and a respectful and trusting experience for everyone. Above all, the university champions responsiveness to ever-changing needs, and creating a safe and empowered learning, working and living environment that provides access to opportunities and excellence.

In accordance with the goals set out by K-State 2025, the university strives to promote an engaged, diverse culture that empowers student success academically, personally and professionally. K-State 2025 also calls for a culture of excellence that not only attracts highly talented, diverse graduate students but also produces graduates recognized for outstanding contributions to their respective fields.

The climate survey was designed to help improve the experience and wellbeing of our university community by measuring how diversity and inclusion play a crucial role at the university. Participants in the survey (26% of the University Community) provided information about both positive and challenging aspects of our climate and offered suggestions for change. All data gathered by the survey was kept confidential.

The 2020 Kansas State University Climate Survey was administered to KansaSs State University Students, Faculty, Staff and Administrators from February 10-March 9, 2020. Results have been received and analyzed by Dr. Bin Ning, Associate Provost for Institutional Research.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary of the Survey from Dr. Ning can be found here

Also, a PowerPoint presentation overview of the survey results can be accessed here.

The complete PowerPoint presentation of analysis, highlights and recommendations can be accessed here.

Focus Groups

Following analysis of the 2020 University Climate Survey, a number of focus groups were scheduled to address specific concerns that were recurring in the survey results. In total 4 student focus groups and 5 faculty/staff focus groups were conducted. The focus groups were:

Students: Student Accessibility Concerns, International Students, LGBTQ+ Students, and Students of Color.

Student Focus Groups Report

Faculty/Staff: International Faculty, LGBTQ+ Faculty & Staff, Policy Consistency, Women of Color, and Women's Issues.

International Faculty,Policy Consistency, Women of Color & Women's Issues Focus Group Reports

LGBTQ+ Faculty & Staff Focus Group Report

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