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University Climate Survey

As K-State's 2025 strategic plan comes to a close, our strategic planning efforts continue as Next-Gen K-State. See the latest updates on the Next-Gen K-State website.

University Climate Survey Committee

The University Climate Survey Committee was appointed by Provost April Mason; Julia Keen, Faculty Senate President; and Janice Taggart, Classified Senate President, in September 2013.  The Committee is charged to oversee the implementation of a university climate survey that addresses diversity and inclusion; respect and collegiality; communication, collaboration, and cooperation; and the overall work and academic environment. The charge includes the following activities.

  1. Select an outside consultant, ensuring the methodology utilized collects baseline data that can be used for comparison purposes with future surveys, addresses general needs as well as needs specific to our three campuses and to our diverse faculty and staff, ensures confidentiality of respondents given the sensitivity of this type of survey, and employs professional best practices in the field of climate survey methodology.
  2. Ensure involvement of representatives from our various faculty and staff constituent groups at the appropriate stages throughout the process.
  3. Promote broad participation by faculty and staff with appropriate communication and incentive strategies.


  • Ruth Dyer, Senior Vice Provost, Co-Chair
  • Tom Vontz, Associate Professor, College of Education, Co-Chair
  • Nancy Baker, Computer Information Specialist, Planning and Analysis
  • Fred Burrack, Director, Office of Assessment
  • Lynn Carlin, Special Assistant to the Provost
  • Hope Faflick, Undergraduate Student, Political Science
  • Amanda Fairbanks, Graduate Student, Counseling & Student Development
  • Clive Fullagar, Professor, Psychological Sciences
  • Myra Gordon, Associate Provost, Office of Diversity
  • Kerry Jennings, Physical Plant Supervisor, Housing and Dining Services
  • Kaleen Knopp, Instructor, Arts, Science, and Business, K-State Salina
  • Gary Leitnaker, Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Parking
  • Steve Logback, Assistant Vice President, Communications and Marketing
  • Jan Middendorf, Director, Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation
  • Pam Warren, Administrative Specialist, College of Business Administration
  • Daryl Youngman, Associate Professor, K-State Libraries