Printing Production - Pressroom

Our pressroom employees are skilled in press operation and take pride in producing excellent products. We use the best inks and supplies possible to maintain quality and consistency. Our press room is equipped with a variety of offset presses capable of handling paper from 4" x 3" up to 25" x 36". We can handle the simplest to the most complex printing designs. Business cards to six-color magazines, color posters to invitations, are produced on a daily basis. Over 5,000 jobs and over 250,000,000 equivalent 8 ½" x 11" pages of information are produced annually.

PressmanUniversity Printing uses a Screen Platerite 4300 which is a chemistry free thermal platemaking system. These plates mount on the printing presses and transfer ink to the paper.

University Printing currently prints jobs on two, two-color presses, capable of putting two colors of ink down in one pass, one four-color press capable of putting down four colors on one side in one pass, and a two color envelope press.

The printing inks that we use are soy based. Soy based inks are better than most oil-based because they

  • are more environmentally friendly
  • are available in brighter colors
  • make it easier to recycle paper
  • are more economical. Virtually all of our fine printing papers are recycled and contain a minimum of 10% post consumer waste.

KSPS can provide offset printing on almost any type of paper stock including bond, book, text, cover, index, tag, pressure-sensitive carbonless, gummed labels, and Kraft envelopes; or any finish, including matte, gloss, vellum, linen, parchment, wove, laid, etc. Samples of paper can be reviewed in books available at our customer service office at the Union. Paper orders are placed and delivered daily.